Jumani x Raksh


I met Raksh over Instagram back in September. I remember the first message she had ever sent me and it was about the looks that I was going to create for Halloween. She was excited to see my looks and suggested a few that I could do and that’s where it all began! I could instantly tell that I was going to get along with her-why do you ask? Because she just understood my banter (I have a dead sense of humour by the way haha)!

She told me she was coming to London and wanted to do a shoot and I said yes instantly! I loved her work and how she captures people in their element.

In January I approached her again about doing a photoshoot for a great cause and that was ANBU UK’s Campaign shoot. Boy, did I give her a challenge with the concept. Capturing emotions is a hard thing to do and how did she do? I told you the girl was talented right? She slayeddd the photoshoot.

Everyone felt so comfortable with her, she worked so quickly and got the shots that she needed. Then the photos? She had edited the photos within a few days and had drop boxed me everything. This is what I call dedication to what you love! Her passion for photography oozes through her.

We then still wanted to do a photoshoot and I was going to go for the typical cafe shoot with the whole pretty setting. This is so not me at all. Raksh pretty much gets me, so when she had suggested the Cereal Killer Cafe, I was just like YES. Sorry I mean YASSSS GURL!! She just got me. I want to say a big thank you to Rakshana for bringing out the best memories from my childhood.

I present to you…


Jumani x



Check out Raksh’s work:

Instagram: @1000wordsp 

Facebook: @1000wordsp




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