When the sun comes out :)


How great has the weather been this week?! I have been dying to get to the beach and just relax and yesterday I had the chance to with one of my closest friends. AND GUESS WHAT? I got asked to be a bridesmaid!!! Eek!! The excitement is real. Two of my closest friends are getting married this year and I can’t wait to be a part of their big days and see them get married to amazing men!

The beach we went to was called Camber Sands. If you want to go to a beach which has the softest sand, close by and just simply beautiful-I would highly recommend Camber Sands. I put together a little picnic hamper for me and my friend. I absolutely LOVE my picnic basket haha. I think I bought mine five/six years ago and honestly it’s such a cute little thing to have. As, I said I LOVE my picnic basket haha. I bought one which was for four people, just so I have extra cutlery-something to consider if you guys were to get one. Here are some affordable ones that I found if any of you would like to purchase one :).




I always like to do things in the summer and try out new things! There’s so much to explore and do in the summer and that’s why it definitely has to be my favourite season of the year. You don’t need to spend too much money to have a good time because I know summer can definitely be expensive. But a simple picnic with a good read is a great time to enjoy the weather and good company. So get out guys and enjoy this weather!!


Jumani x


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