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Where do I even begin with Toronto?! I had such an amazing time and honestly I went there with no plans whatsoever, but every single day I just ended up having a plan. I was literally never in the house and I got to work with some amazing people and see family who I haven’t seen in a while. What I’m trying to say is I had such an unforgettable time in Toronto :).

My lovely cousin Aarthy drove me around everywhere and spent every single day with me. She even came with me to both of my photoshoots and stayed and helped out (I know, I know, I’m a very lucky person)! But I’m so grateful to her because I know how annoying I get at times -_- (I promise I’m working on it). And my other cousin who you guys may have seen in my snaps or as you guys call him “the guys that looks like The Weeknd” haha. I did take the piss out of him a lot for that, but he is the sweetest guy and so is his girlfriend Christina. They both looked after me so well and you guys will be seeing more of them next month when they come down to London!

Another thing about Canada that I loved was meeting all of the dogs!! Oh-my-god guys there was like five dogs that I met and I loved all of them. My favourite was definitely Charlie (who’s Christina’s dog). His name was definitely the cutest thing in life but my god he was an asshole though. He would just love to hump me especially when Christina was never there. It definitely was the weirdest thing in life but hilarious at the same time because she would just never accept the idea of him humping someone haha!! But Charlie literally bullied Aarthy and mind you she’s scared of dogs, so you can imagine what that situation was like haha. But he was so adorable and made me miss my bubs-Kenzo a lot though.

I met a bunch of lovely people and everyone I met was just so accommodating and so, so sweet. Who doesn’t love all of that positive energy oozing from everyone aye? It was honestly good vibes all of the time and that’s what made my trip to Canada one of the best holidays I’ve been on so far!

I’ve linked my Youtube video below so check out my Toronto Vlog!

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