A Day Out In Notting Hill

Jumper: Stradivarius  £29.99| Skirt: Stradivarius £25.99| Coat: Zara| Shoes: Zara| Clutch: Zara

Hey guyssssss!!!!!

So this is literally my first blog post (an iconic oh-my-god moment I think?)! So when I decided to start this website I actually wanted to shoot myself in the head. I did not realise how long this process actually takes but it was actually pretty therapeutic once I got the hang of things. With the website I wanted to make sure everything was all in one place and I wanted it all to look quite clean and cut. I don’t know if you guys can guess what I’m like already 😉 (I am a super neat freak who likes to be very organised-ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of OCD!)

But anyway.. you will soon start to figure out that I can actually talk for the world and keep going…

and going…

and going (ok, ok. I’m done now :P)

Anywayyyyyy!! So I wanted my pictures to be very natural and very me and who better to take it then my cutie/personal photographer/best friend..none other than Pooja. You all must know her by now.

But oh-my-gosh, these photo’s have turned out so amazing!!! I can’t even describe how well she has captured me in my element :D.

Right now I am so obsessed with bold colours and just colour, colour, colour!! Whenever I go into a shop I’m just mentally putting together an outfit with something bright intertwined. I think that’s pretty much my thing these days and as you can see my red jumper stood out from all of the other clothes in the store and it was love at first sight I tell you ;)!

I hope you love it all and the outfit details are under the photo(click on the words in BOLD <3)

Jumani x



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  1. Ellie says:

    You look good!;-)
    Want to go there too!<3

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